Myron Zucker, Inc. Proven Process
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The Myron Zucker, Inc. Proven Process

Facility Evaluation
Utility Bill Analysis/Power Quality Analysis
Are you paying a power factor penalty?
Do you need transformer/distribution capacity?
Are you trying to meet standards?
Presence of non-linear loads?
Do you have electrical component failure?
Are you experiencing nuisance fuse blowing?
Recommend and Deliver Solutions
Power Factor Correction/Harmonic Mitigation
Eliminate power factor penalties
Unload transformer
Increase capacity
Reduce line losses
Improve voltage conditions
Limit harmonic distortion
Improve energy efficiency


Customer Support
Continuous Customer Communications
Unlimited technical support
Prompt personal assistance
Maintenance reminders
Spare and replacement parts

MYRON ZUCKER INC. products are designed to:

  • Improve power factor
  • Eliminate utility penalties or surcharges
  • Increase available distribution capacity
  • Mitigate harmonic distortion
  • Protect sensitive equipment
  • Decrease downtime
  • Reduce line losses and associated cost
  • Comply with industry standards


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