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1. How do you test a capacitor cell?
The following link will take you to our white paper for testing capacitor cells. A capacitor is supposed to draw given amperage at a given voltage based on its kVAR rating. If the capacitor is not drawing enough amperage then it is probably aging and losing some of its capacitance. If it is drawing too much amperage then it is likely that there are harmonics present in the facility and further testing would be recommended to determine if that is the case. These measurements can be taken with an amprobe while the capacitors are on line and without disconnecting wires.

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MYRON ZUCKER INC. products are designed to:

  • Improve power factor
  • Eliminate utility penalties or surcharges
  • Increase available distribution capacity
  • Mitigate harmonic distortion
  • Protect sensitive equipment
  • Decrease downtime
  • Reduce line losses and associated cost
  • Comply with industry standards


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