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Rockwell Automation Allen-Bradley TRAYMOUNT® Selection Chart

Spec Sheet

Myron Zucker, Inc.'s Allen-Bradley Traymount® is designed specifically for Allen-Bradley Motor Control Centers, and come in two configurations:

0.5 Space Factor 1.0 Space Factor
0-5-Space-Factor.png 1-0-Space-Factor.png
H: 4.50 W: 14.25 D: 7.75 H: 8.75 W: 15.50 D: 8.50

All dimensions are in inches and weight in pounds.  Myron Zucker, Inc. reserves the right to change dimensions without notice.
The ampacity of capacitor circuit conductors shall not be less than 135% of the rated circuit of the capacitor
(per NEC).

This selection chart features our standard 240 V/60 Hz, 480 V/60 Hz, 600 V/60 Hz products and is not comprehensive.  Other voltages and frequencies are available.  Request a quote or speak with a Myron Zucker Engineer.


178 Records
IndicationkVArVoltageFrequencyAmpsWeightEnclosurePart NumberGet Quote
Fusing without indication1480601.290.5 Space Factor TAPM43001-3
Fusing without indication1.5480601.890.5 Space Factor TAPM43001X-3
Fusing without indication2480602.490.5 Space Factor TAPM43002-3
Fusing without indication2.548060390.5 Space Factor TAPM43002X-3
Fusing without indication3480603.690.5 Space Factor TAPM43003-3
Fusing without indication4480604.890.5 Space Factor TAPM43004-3
Fusing without indication548060690.5 Space Factor TAPM43005-3
Fusing without indication6480607.290.5 Space Factor TAPM43006-3
Fusing without indication748060990.5 Space Factor TAPM43007-3
Fusing without indication7.548060990.5 Space Factor TAPM43007X-3
Fusing without indication848060990.5 Space Factor TAPM43008-3
Fusing without indication9480601290.5 Space Factor TAPM43009-3
Fusing without indication10480601290.5 Space Factor TAPM43010-3
Fusing without indication11480601290.5 Space Factor TAPM43011-3
Fusing without indication124806015100.5 Space Factor TAPM43012-3
Fusing without indication12.54806015100.5 Space Factor TAPM43012X-3
Fusing without indication13.54806018100.5 Space Factor TAPM43013X-3
Fusing without indication154806018150.5 Space Factor TAPM43015-3
Fusing without indication16.74806020150.5 Space Factor TAPM43016-3
Fusing without indication17.54806021150.5 Space Factor TAPM43017X-3
Fusing without indication184806021150.5 Space Factor TAPM43018-3
Fusing without indication204806024150.5 Space Factor TAPM43020-3
Fusing without indication22.54806027150.5 Space Factor TAPM43022X-3
Fusing without indication254806030150.5 Space Factor TAPM43025-3
Fusing without indication27.54806033160.5 Space Factor TAPM43027X-3
Fusing without indication304806036160.5 Space Factor TAPM43030-3
Fusing without indication32.54806039160.5 Space Factor TAPM43032X-3
Fusing without indication354806042160.5 Space Factor TAPM43035-3
Fusing without indication37.54806045160.5 Space Factor TAPM43037X-3
Fusing without indication404806048160.5 Space Factor TAPM43040-3
Fusing without indication42.54806051161.0 Space Factor TAPM43042X-3
Fusing without indication454806054211.0 Space Factor TAPM43045-3
Fusing without indication504806060221.0 Space Factor TAPM43050-3
Fusing without indication604806072251.0 Space Factor TAPM43060-3
Fusing without indication2600601.990.5 Space Factor TAPM63002-3
Fusing without indication2.5600602.490.5 Space Factor TAPM63002X-3
Fusing without indication3600602.990.5 Space Factor TAPM63003-3
Fusing without indication4600603.890.5 Space Factor TAPM63004-3
Fusing without indication5600604.890.5 Space Factor TAPM63005-3
Fusing without indication6600605.890.5 Space Factor TAPM63006-3
Fusing without indication7600607.290.5 Space Factor TAPM63007-3
Fusing without indication7.5600607.290.5 Space Factor TAPM63007X-3
Fusing without indication8600607.290.5 Space Factor TAPM63008-3
Fusing without indication9600609.690.5 Space Factor TAPM63009-3
Fusing without indication10600609.690.5 Space Factor TAPM63010-3
Fusing without indication11600609.690.5 Space Factor TAPM63011-3
Fusing without indication126006012100.5 Space Factor TAPM63012-3
Fusing without indication12.56006012100.5 Space Factor TAPM63012X-3
Fusing without indication13.56006014100.5 Space Factor TAPM63013X-3
Fusing without indication156006014100.5 Space Factor TAPM63015-3
Fusing without indication16.76006016100.5 Space Factor TAPM63016-3
Fusing without indication17.56006017150.5 Space Factor TAPM63017X-3
Fusing without indication186006017150.5 Space Factor TAPM63018-3
Fusing without indication206006019150.5 Space Factor TAPM63020-3
Fusing without indication22.56006022200.5 Space Factor TAPM63022X-3
Fusing without indication256006024200.5 Space Factor TAPM63025-3
Fusing without indication27.56006026210.5 Space Factor TAPM63027X-3
Fusing without indication306006029210.5 Space Factor TAPM63030-3
Fusing without indication32.56006031250.5 Space Factor TAPM63032X-3
Fusing without indication356006034300.5 Space Factor TAPM63035-3
Fusing without indication37.56006036300.5 Space Factor TAPM63037X-3
Fusing without indication406006038300.5 Space Factor TAPM63040-3
Fusing without indication42.56006041301.0 Space Factor TAPM63042X-3
Fusing without indication456006043301.0 Space Factor TAPM63045-3
Fusing without indication506006048301.0 Space Factor TAPM63050-3
Fusing without indication606006058451.0 Space Factor TAPM63060-3
Fusing without indication1240602.490.5 Space Factor TAPM23001-3
Fusing without indication1.5240603.690.5 Space Factor TAPM23001X-3
Fusing without indication2240604.890.5 Space Factor TAPM23002-3
Fusing without indication2.524060690.5 Space Factor TAPM23002X-3
Fusing without indication3240607.2100.5 Space Factor TAPM23003-3
Fusing without indication4240609.6150.5 Space Factor TAPM23004-3
Fusing without indication5240601290.5 Space Factor TAPM23005-3
Fusing without indication6240601490.5 Space Factor TAPM23006-3
Fusing without indication7240601890.5 Space Factor TAPM23007-3
Fusing without indication7.5240601890.5 Space Factor TAPM23007X-3
Fusing without indication8240601890.5 Space Factor TAPM23008-3
Fusing without indication9240602490.5 Space Factor TAPM23009-3
Fusing without indication10240602490.5 Space Factor TAPM23010-3
Fusing without indication11240602490.5 Space Factor TAPM23011-3
Fusing without indication122406030180.5 Space Factor TAPM23012-3
Fusing without indication12.52406030180.5 Space Factor TAPM23012X-3
Fusing without indication152406036180.5 Space Factor TAPM23015-3
Fusing without indication162406038180.5 Space Factor TAPM23016-3
Fusing without indication17.52406042180.5 Space Factor TAPM23017X-3
Fusing without indication182406042180.5 Space Factor TAPM23018-3
Fusing without indication202406048180.5 Space Factor TAPM23020-3
Fusing without indication22.52406054271.0 Space Factor TAPM23022X-3
Fusing without indication252406060271.0 Space Factor TAPM23025-3
Blown fuse1480601.2100.5 Space Factor TANM43001-3
Blown fuse1.5480601.8100.5 Space Factor TANM43001X-3
Blown fuse2480602.4100.5 Space Factor TANM43002-3
Blown fuse2.5480603100.5 Space Factor TANM43002X-3
Blown fuse3480603.6100.5 Space Factor TANM43003-3
Blown fuse4480604.8100.5 Space Factor TANM43004-3
Blown fuse5480606100.5 Space Factor TANM43005-3
Blown fuse6480607.2100.5 Space Factor TANM43006-3
Blown fuse7480609100.5 Space Factor TANM43007-3
Blown fuse7.5480609100.5 Space Factor TANM43007X-3
Blown fuse8480609100.5 Space Factor TANM43008-3
Blown fuse94806012100.5 Space Factor TANM43009-3
Blown fuse104806012100.5 Space Factor TANM43010-3
Blown fuse114806012100.5 Space Factor TANM43011-3
Blown fuse124806015110.5 Space Factor TANM43012-3
Blown fuse12.54806015110.5 Space Factor TANM43012X-3
Blown fuse13.54806018110.5 Space Factor TANM43013X-3
Blown fuse154806018160.5 Space Factor TANM43015-3
Blown fuse16.74806020160.5 Space Factor TANM43016-3
Blown fuse17.54806021160.5 Space Factor TANM43017X-3
Blown fuse184806021160.5 Space Factor TANM43018-3
Blown fuse204806024160.5 Space Factor TANM43020-3
Blown fuse22.54806027160.5 Space Factor TANM43022X-3
Blown fuse254806030170.5 Space Factor TANM43025-3
Blown fuse27.54806033170.5 Space Factor TANM43027X-3
Blown fuse304806036170.5 Space Factor TANM43030-3
Blown fuse32.54806039170.5 Space Factor TANM43032X-3
Blown fuse354806042170.5 Space Factor TANM43035-3
Blown fuse37.54806045170.5 Space Factor TANM43037X-3
Blown fuse404806048170.5 Space Factor TANM43040-3
Blown fuse42.54806051171.0 Space Factor TANM43042X-3
Blown fuse454806054221.0 Space Factor TANM43045-3
Blown fuse504806060231.0 Space Factor TANM43050-3
Blown fuse604806072261.0 Space Factor TANM43060-3
Blown fuse2600601.9100.5 Space Factor TANM63002-3
Blown fuse2.5600602.4100.5 Space Factor TANM63002X-3
Blown fuse3600602.9100.5 Space Factor TANM63003-3
Blown fuse4600603.8100.5 Space Factor TANM63004-3
Blown fuse5600604.8100.5 Space Factor TANM63005-3
Blown fuse6600605.8100.5 Space Factor TANM63006-3
Blown fuse7600607.2100.5 Space Factor TANM63007-3
Blown fuse7.5600607.2100.5 Space Factor TANM63007X-3
Blown fuse8600607.2100.5 Space Factor TANM63008-3
Blown fuse9600609.6100.5 Space Factor TANM63009-3
Blown fuse10600609.6100.5 Space Factor TANM63010-3
Blown fuse11600609.6100.5 Space Factor TANM63011-3
Blown fuse126006012110.5 Space Factor TANM63012-3
Blown fuse12.56006012110.5 Space Factor TANM63012X-3
Blown fuse13.56006014110.5 Space Factor TANM63013X-3
Blown fuse156006014110.5 Space Factor TANM63015-3
Blown fuse16.76006016110.5 Space Factor TANM63016-3
Blown fuse17.56006017160.5 Space Factor TANM63017X-3
Blown fuse186006017160.5 Space Factor TANM63018-3
Blown fuse206006019160.5 Space Factor TANM63020-3
Blown fuse22.56006022210.5 Space Factor TANM63022X-3
Blown fuse256006024210.5 Space Factor TANM63025-3
Blown fuse27.56006026220.5 Space Factor TANM63027X-3
Blown fuse306006029220.5 Space Factor TANM63030-3
Blown fuse32.56006031260.5 Space Factor TANM63032X-3
Blown fuse356006034310.5 Space Factor TANM63035-3
Blown fuse37.56006036310.5 Space Factor TANM63037X-3
Blown fuse406006038310.5 Space Factor TANM63040-3
Blown fuse42.56006041311.0 Space Factor TANM63042X-3
Blown fuse456006043311.0 Space Factor TANM63045-3
Blown fuse506006048311.0 Space Factor TANM63050-3
Blown fuse606006058461.0 Space Factor TANM63060-3
Blown fuse1240602.4100.5 Space Factor TANM23001-3
Blown fuse1.5240603.6100.5 Space Factor TANM23001X-3
Blown fuse2240604.8100.5 Space Factor TANM23002-3
Blown fuse2.5240606100.5 Space Factor TANM23002X-3
Blown fuse3240607.2110.5 Space Factor TANM23003-3
Blown fuse4240609.6160.5 Space Factor TANM23004-3
Blown fuse52406012100.5 Space Factor TANM23005-3
Blown fuse62406014100.5 Space Factor TANM23006-3
Blown fuse72406018100.5 Space Factor TANM23007-3
Blown fuse7.52406018100.5 Space Factor TANM23007X-3
Blown fuse82406018100.5 Space Factor TANM23008-3
Blown fuse92406024100.5 Space Factor TANM23009-3
Blown fuse102406024100.5 Space Factor TANM23010-3
Blown fuse112406024100.5 Space Factor TANM23011-3
Blown fuse122406030190.5 Space Factor TANM23012-3
Blown fuse12.52406030190.5 Space Factor TANM23012X-3
Blown fuse152406036190.5 Space Factor TANM23015-3
Blown fuse162406038190.5 Space Factor TANM23016-3
Blown fuse17.52406042190.5 Space Factor TANM23017X-3
Blown fuse182406042190.5 Space Factor TANM23018-3
Blown fuse202406048190.5 Space Factor TANM23020-3
Blown fuse22.52406054281.0 Space Factor TANM23022X-3
Blown fuse252406060281.0 Space Factor TANM23025-3

MYRON ZUCKER INC. products are designed to:

  • Improve power factor
  • Eliminate utility penalties or surcharges
  • Increase available distribution capacity
  • Mitigate harmonic distortion
  • Protect sensitive equipment
  • Decrease downtime
  • Reduce line losses and associated cost
  • Comply with industry standards


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