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Application Guide for Power Factor Correction



Install a single capacitor at each sizeable motor such that it energizes whenever the motor is in operation. This is referred to as a Calmount® brand capacitor (Capacitor At Load). Tables 2 and 3 list suggested kVAr capacitance ratings for two different motor designs.

Method #1 usually offers the greatest advantages and the PFCC could be connected either in location (A) or (B) as shown in Figure 4 below:

Location A - Normally used for most motor applications.

Location B - Used when motors are jogged, plugged, reversed; for multi-speed motors, or reduced-voltage start motors.

Advantages of method #1:

  • Corrects Power Factor, unloads the transformer, reduces losses in conductors from source to motor location.
  • Voltage drop to motor is reduced - thus optimizing motor performance.
  • Installation simple - no new switches or circuit breakers required.

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