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Application Guide for Power Factor Correction



Install a fixed quantity of kVAr, electrically connected, at one or more locations in the plant's electrical distribution system, and energized at all times.

Method #2 is often used when the facility has few motors of any sizeable horsepower to which PFCC can be economically added.  A fixed value of capacitance can be added to the main busses in a motor control center.  In most cases, however, the fixed bank (Capacibank® brand capacitor) is usually located near the service entrance switchgear. In all cases, a separate fused switch, or circuit breaker, must be provided ahead of the capacitor bank.

It is very important to note the following when a fixed bank is installed.  When the system is lightly loaded (perhaps on weekends or holidays), and too much capacitance is energized, voltage can increase to a value that causes failure of motors, lamps, and controls.  Also, unbalanced loads or other similar conditions can result in unacceptable levels of harmonic distortion.  MZI research findings indicate the value of fixed capacitance in kVAr must not exceed 20% of the transformer rated power in kVA.  Values larger than this can result in a large resonant current, potentially harmful to the system.

Note that while the fixed bank can unload the transformer, and show an improved power factor on your monthly bill, it does nothing to reduce the distribution power loss and its contribution to the billed active power.

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