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Application Guide for Power Factor Correction



Install an automatically controlled capacitor bank (Autocapacibank™ brand capacitor) that closely maintains a pre-selected value of power factor.  This is accomplished by means of a controller.  The controller continuously monitors the actual power factor and switches on or off capacitance in steps of kVAr as needed.  This type of bank eliminates the concern of having too much capacitance energized during light load periods or as loads vary.

The automatic bank has its advantages but also has its disadvantages.  Since it is usually located near the incoming service entrance switchgear, the automatic bank does nothing to reduce the total current within the distribution conductors and the associated power loss.

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MYRON ZUCKER INC. products are designed to:

  • Improve power factor
  • Eliminate utility penalties or surcharges
  • Increase available distribution capacity
  • Mitigate harmonic distortion
  • Protect sensitive equipment
  • Decrease downtime
  • Reduce line losses and associated cost
  • Comply with industry standards


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